Bar Bahar  (In Between)
Maysaloun Hamoud
Israel/France 2016, DCP, color, 102 min., Arabic/Hebrew OV w/English ST - Austrian Premiere

Sana Jammalieh will be attending.

Netpac Award – Toronto Intl Film Festival 2016
Eroksi Youth Award – San Sebastian Intl Film Festival 2016
TVE-Another Look Award“ – San Sebastian Intl Film Festival 2016
Premio Sebastiane” LGBT Award – San Sebastian Intl Film Festival 2016
CICAE Award – San Sebastian Intl Film Festival 2016
Audience Award “Best Feature Film” – Zagreb Intl Film Festival 2016
Special Mention – Zagreb Intl Film Festival 2016
The Danny Lerner Award for a Debut Feature Film – Haifa Intl Film Festival 2016
The Fedeora Award for Artistic Achievement in an Israeli Feature Film – Haifa Intl Film Festival 2016
Audience Award – Haifa Intl Film Festival 2016
Audiences will have to seriously update their ideas about the lifestyle of Palestinian women in Israel. Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter
One of the best recent films... the movie equivalent of a page-turner. Kent Turner,
A story of … female friendship, a fierce bond that comes about because of shared gender, background, and hopes .
An end to stereotyped Palestinian women. TWITTER
Arab Israeli women live in a country that considers them not quite Israeli enough, and are part of a culture that views them as not quite Palestinian enough. Layered onto their citizenship conundrum are the inevitable gendered tensions between contemporary and traditional family life. Director Maysaloun Hamoud tells the story of three such women in her remarkable feature film debut In Between, and she does so with ferocity, grace, and inordinate depth of feeling.
Laila (Mouna Hawa), Salma (Sana Jammalieh), and Nour (Shaden Kanboura) share an apartment in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv. Laila, a criminal lawyer with a wicked wit, loves to burn off her workday stress in the underground club scene. Salma, slightly more subdued, is a DJ and bartender. Nour is a younger, religious Muslim girl who moves into the apartment in order to study at the university.
Nour is both intrigued and intimidated by her two sophisticated roommates. When her conservative fiancé visits, he is horrified by her secular friends, entreating her to hasten their marriage, leave Tel Aviv, and assume her rightful role as a wife. She refuses and his violent rebuttal leaves all of the women shaken. Salma and Laila also face turmoil: Laila has found love with a modern Muslim man whose acceptance proves less than unconditional, and Salma discovers that her Christian family in a northern Galilean village is not as liberal as they claim. These three very different women find themselves doing the same balancing act between tradition and modernity, citizenship and culture, fealty and freedom.
In Between is a story of a certain kind of female friendship, a fierce bond that comes about because of shared gender, background, and hopes. The final shot of Hamoud's engaging and compelling film says everything about these unforgettable women. (Jane Schoettle, Toronto Intl Film Festival 2016)

Maysaloun Hamoud
was born in Budapest during her father’s M.D. studies and raised in Dier-Hana, Israel. She completed a BA in Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University and studied film at the Minshar School of Art, which she finished top of her class.
Shades of Light (2009, short) premiered at the New York Film Festival. Scent of Morning (2010, short), a cooperation of Israeli and Palestinian directors, screened at dozens of festivals worldwide. Salma (2012, short), her graduation film, won ‘Best of Class’ honors and was nominated for the Israeli Academy Award in the Short Film Category. 
In Between (2016) is Maysaloun Hamoud’s feature debut. It premiered at Toronto’s Intl Film Festival in the World Cinema section.

06/08 8:30 PM / Gartenbau Kino

Maysaloun Hamoud

Wirtten by: Maysaloun Hamoud. 
Director of Photography: Itay Gross. 
Edited by: Lev Golster, Nili Feller. 
Music: MG Saad. 
Co-produced by: Sandrine Bauer. 
With: Mouna Hawa, Sana Jammalieh, Shaden Kanboura, Mahmoud Shalaby.