Baisers cachés  (Hidden Kisses)
Didier Bivel
France 2015, digital, color, 88 min., OV w/German ST – Austrian Premiere

Critics Award – Festival des Créations Audiovisuelles de Luchon 2016

Hidden Kisses tells the story of Nathan, a sixteen-year-old teenager facing one of the hardest times of his life. After a school party, a photo of him kissing another boy is published on social networks, making him the target of bullies and homophobic retaliations. Reflecting on controversial themes like homosexuality and bullying, Hidden Kisses portrays two scenarios common today.

Didier Bivel
was born in France in 1963. He is a director and writer, known for Fais-moi des vacances (2002), La Nuit des corps (1993) and Comme les autres (1996).

06/12 10:15 PM / Filmcasino

Didier Bivel

Written by: Jérôme Larcher.
Director of Photography: Claude Garnier.
Edited by: Catherine Schwartz.
Produced by: Elizabeth Arnac.
With: Patrick Timsit, Bruno Putzulu, Barbara Schulz, Jules Houplain, Catherine Jacob, Bérenger Anceaux, Luka Quinn.