Frauen im Journalismus  (Women in Journalism)
Elizabeth T. Spira
Austria 1977, digital, color, 16 min., OV

Elfriede Hammerl invited

In this documentary for the legendary Austrian TV program “Teleobjektiv“ from the 1970s, Elizabeth T. Spira investigates the challenges and chances that women face in the “male” profession of journalism. How far have they changed until today?

Elizabeth T. Spira
short for Elizabeth Toni Spira, born on 24 December 1942 in Glasgow, is an Austrian journalist mainly working for TV. In 1946 she moved back to Vienna with her family, attended primary school and graduated from the Stubenbastei high school. She holds a PhD in journalism from the University of Vienna. In 1972 she began her journalistic career at the Austrian weekly „Profil“. In 1973 she started as a journalist for the ORF, Austria‘s Broadcasting Company, where she worked from 1974 until 1984 as part of the editing team of „Teleobjektiv“. Claus Gatterer, the head of the format, Spira called her most important journalistic influence and teacher. After the end of „Teleobjektiv“, Spira created in 1985 a documentary series called „Alltagsgeschichte” (“Everyday Stories“), which she continued until 2006. In 1997 she started the docu soap „Liebesg’schichten und Heiratssachen“, which is still on air. She received several awards for her journalistic work.

06/13 6:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal

Elizabeth T. Spira

Interviews: Elizabeth T. Spira
Produced by: ORF Fernsehen, „Teleobjektiv“.
With: Susanne Feigl, Elfriede Hammerl, Edith Klinger, Ilse Leitenberger, Helga Stadler-Rabl.