Handsome & Majestic
Jeff Petry, Nathan Drillot
Canada 2015, DCP, color, 12 min., OV Austrian Premiere

Handsome & Majestic follows the story of Milan Halikowski, a teenager from the rural city of Prince George, BC. As a recently transitioned transgender boy, Milan deals with discrimination and abuse from his peers and teachers at school, as he seeks to find other kids like himself. Throughout these hardships, he becomes a role model and an advocate for transpeople in his small community and beyond.

Jeff Petry and Nathan Drillot
founded Salazar Film. Their partnership galvanized over a mutual interest in telling unique stories of individuals and their communities, capturing sublime landscapes and experiencing filmmaking as an integrated part of life. Salazar’s cinematic narratives are influenced by these experiences and sensibilities. Their work has taken them around the world, further inspiring their drive to recognize the enormity of the human condition.

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06/16 8:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal

Jeff Petry, Nathan Drillot

Written by: Jeff Petry, Nathan Drillot.
Edited by: Graham Kew.
Produced by: Sara Wylie.