Julia Ocker
Germany 2015, digital, color, 4 min., no dialog

The wolf is wandering through the woods, trying to find a peaceful spot to practice his secret hobby. But then a spectator shows up in the bushes…

Julia Ocker
Animator and director. Born in 1982 in Pforzheim, Germany. She studied visual communications at the Design School in Pforzheim, then graduated in animation from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg with the film Cellar Child (Kellerkind). She has since worked as an animator on several short films and TV movies.

Filmography: Der Apfelbaum (2006, co-director, animation Short), Astronauten (2009, co-director, animation trailer), Gott und die Welt (2008), Cellar Child (2012, animation Short), Kuh (2013, animation Short for the TV series Ich kenne ein Tier), Zebra (2013, animation Short for the TV series Ich kenne ein Tier, identities 2015)

06/10 4:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal

Julia Ocker

Written by: Julia Ocker.
Design: Julia Ocker.
Animation: Sveta Yuferova, Ferdinand Engländer, Julia Ocker.
Music: „Swan Lake“ by Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky.
Head of Production: Bianca Just.