Le Repas dominical  (Sunday Lunch)
CÚline Devaux
France 2015, digital, color, 13 min., OV w/English ST

Let’s face it: One’s own family is usually „mercilessly ordinary and amiable“, especially on a Sunday, when everyone comes together, still hung-over from the previous night, to share the ritual that is the Sunday lunch. Here they are again, the same (embarrassing) questions, topics, the same food. But also: the unheard answers, the yearnings and family structures that come to light. Imaginatively Devaux packs it all into surreal scenes and choreographies with kitchen appliances. Until the afternoon melancholy sets in.

CÚline Devaux
studied at ENSAD, the Academy of Decorative Arts in Paris, and graduated in 2012 from the animation department. In 2013 her film Life and Death of Grigori Jefimowitsch Rasputin won the prize for Best French Animation Film at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

06/11 4:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal

CÚline Devaux

Buch: CÚline Devaux.
Animation: CÚline Devaux.
Schnitt: CÚline Devaux, ChloÚ Mercier.
Musik: Flavien Berger.
Stimme: Vincent Macaigne.