Pastel de Cereza  (Cherry Pie)
Jessica Praznik
Argentina 2016, digital, color, 16 min., OV w/English ST – Austrian Premiere

Maria Lujan is sixteen years old, she never hesitates to do what she wants and what she feels. But one night Lujan has her first fear: Sofia, her best friend, kisses a girl. Lujan is filled with love but also with the certainty that falling in love is not an option.

Jessica Praznik
was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Audiovisual Production at the National University of Art and has a degree in Clothing Design. She is Executive Producer of MuchMusic Latin America and she has worked as Art Director, Wardrobe Artist and Editor in television, long and short features, along with music videoclips. Her previous short films won several awards and commendations. At the moment she is working on her first feature film with, LGBT issue, enabling a greater inclusion through knowledge.

06/15 6:00 PM / Filmcasino

Jessica Praznik

Written by: Pepa Astelarra.
Director of Photography: Luciana Favit.
Edited by: Augusto González Polo.
With: Naiara Awada, Malena Villa, Carla Bilancieri, Ailín Zaninovich.