Le Retour  (The Return)
Yohann Kouam
France 2014, DCP, color, 22 min., OV w/English ST – Austrian Premiere

Bester Kurzfilm für Jugendliche – KUKI – Interfilm Festival
Grand Prix – Festival Chéries-Chéris
Prize for the Best Male Actor “Yann Gael” – Festival Cinébanlieue
City Award “Prix de la Ville” – Festival du Film de Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux
Alternative Spirit Award – Rhode Island Intl Film Festival
Prize for the Best Foreign Short Film – Reel it Out LGBT Film Festival Virginia
Prize for the Best Male Actor “Yann Gael” – Festival National du Film de Hyères-les-Palmiers
Prix UniFrance Films – Festival Off-Courts Trouville

It's been a year since his big brother left, and Willy, 15, can't wait for him to return. Willy thought he knew everything about Theo, but when he arrives back in the block, Willy discovers a secret about him...

Yohann Kouam
was born in 1982 in Lille, France, of Cameroon descent. He attended private school and had an avid interest in films since 5th grade. After graduating from high school he enrolled in film editing at the Institute for Arts (IAD) in Brussels. A year later he changed to translation classes and languages. He spent time in Spain as part of the Erasmus program. After his master’s degree he became a teaching assistant in a high school and gave language classes while privately shooting short films. Questioned by some friends on his choice to make films about “white people”, he began thinking and started dealing with questions of identity and the Banlieues in France in his filmmaking.

06/16 6:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal
06/17 8:00 PM / Metro Kino Historischer Saal

Yohann Kouam

Written by: Yohann Kouam.
Director of Photography: Elin Kirschfink.
Edited by: Pierre-Yves Jouette.
Music: Damien Tronchot.
Sound: Arnaud Calvar.
With: Adama Procida, Gaël Elléouet, Ernest Pokossy, Ismaël Alexandrine, Régis Anguiar, Sileymane Dramé, Augustin Ruhabura, Christopher Mompongo.