Sidsel Moller Johnsen
Denmark 2016, DCP, color, 27 min., OV w/English ST – Austrian Premiere

Like most other young women, she’s in the middle of her education – becoming a professional hairdresser – and in the usual “find out who you are” process. She is secretly flirting with the independent girl Julie through a dating app. Exploring new territory things need to go steadily. But as Raniya’s recently heartbroken and nosey sister Nadia has moved into her apartment, her private space is invaded by a need for sisterhood and a reminder of Raniya’s muslim heritage. Raniya’s desire to explore her sexuality, identity and true love is tested through her family bonds, which pose a threat to the blossoming and fragile relationship to Julie. Raniya is facing a long night of confrontations.

Sidsel Møller Johnsen
born in 1981, is a Danish director who explores identity, sexuality and belonging in her work. She approaches her stories from a female point of view, in a media landscape dominated by male narratives. In the case of Raniya, her work tells about universal love, framed by a seldom-told story of being a double minority as a muslim coming out as a lesbian. Møller Johnsen comes out of the long running independent Super8 film degree, and her film In the Woods (2012) earned her the “Best Talent” Award at Aarhus Film Festival the same year. She is currently developing two fiction films.

06/13 8:00 PM / Filmcasino

Sidsel Moller Johnsen

Written by: Christian Edvard Halberg.
Director of Photography: Niels A. Hansen.
Edited by: Adam Páez de la Cadena Ljosa.
With: Shelly Jacqueline Levy, Maja Clementsen Hansen, Annika Witt, Trine Godt Hansen.