No Strings
Eoin Maher
UK 2015, DCP, color, 23 min., OV

Grand Prize – Rhode Island Intl Film Festival 2015

Recently moved to London, Bryn is finding it difficult to cope with his new surroundings. Seeking a distraction, he invites Sean, an intrusive extrovert, over for casual sex. When the encounter ends, Bryn wants to be alone again but Sean doesn’t want to leave. Sharing a bed for the night, real intimacy begins to surface between the two men. However, negotiating towards being genuinely open with each other proves a challenge when both have something to hide. Engaging and challenging, this story is about coping in the world when it’s not how you thought it would be – and about how sometimes you find comfort in someone when you least expect it.

Eoin Maher
Growing up in Ireland, stories and storytelling have always been present in my life. Knowing I was dyslexic from an early age I was determined to read all the more. When I discovered I didn’t think the same way as others when it came to creativity my interest in narrative grew. I studied English Literature and Film Studies at Trinity College, Dublin where I first became interested in filmmaking. I ran the Filmmaking Society, encouraging people to be as interested in filmmaking as I had become. When I graduated, I moved to London to attend the LFS. I found it difficult adjusting to London, which became the subject of my grad film No Strings. (Eion Maher)

06/10 10:00 PM / Filmcasino

Eoin Maher

Written by: Eoin Maher.
With: Aaron Cini, Richard Hay.