Heimat XXX
Sebastian Dominic Auer
Germany/Austria 2016, digital, color, 12 min., no dialog Austrian Premiere

Lolly Award „Bester Deutscher Film“ – XPOSED Intl Queer Film Festival Berlin 2016

Heimat XXX is a gay mystical heimat-porn. Between the awakening of spring and musty oak forests it is summoning a saturnalia of sweaty bodies. The images of the movie are oscillating from misty-eyed sights on romantic nature to harsh industrial rigidity. Sebastian Dominic Auer shows the phases of gay sexuality that become a symbol of the ambivalence of life, being showed against the background of rise and fall of nature. The movie can be read as a postmodern comment on the paradigms of the German Romantik – the romanticist movement. The forest of the “Heimat”, a central point of the romantic idea, is the place where alike flesh meets and unites in a wild rush. The soundtrack of the movie has been exclusively produced by the Munich Techno Duo “Zenker Brothers”.

Sebastian Dominic Auer
born in 1984 in Penzberg (Germany), is a stylist by training and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in costume and set design. Due to the collaboration with the director Hubert Schmelzer Auer focused more on film. The shorts Parallel World (2012) and Horatia (2013) were made.

06/10 10:00 PM / Filmcasino

Sebastian Dominic Auer

Written by: Sebastian Dominic Auer.
Director of Photography: Hubert Schmelzer.
Edited by: Hubert Schmelzer.